Paraffin Wax


Paraffin wax is a transparent white, cream or yellow solid petroleum product, solid at room temperature and begins to melt above approximately 58C

Flash point of paraffin wax is about 250 c.

paraffin wax are used in making decorative candles, cosmetics, food industry, lubrication, electrical insulation. Paraffin wax has different grades based on 2 main characteristics: oil content and melting point: Light or heavy

Fully refined paraffin wax
In fully refined paraffin wax oil content must be 1% , color is transparent. Fully refined paraffin wax is used in cosmetic or medical and also food industry. Like lipstick, cream, oily papers, chocolate.

Semi refined paraffin wax
light or heavy grade, the slabs of semi refined paraffin wax have 1% , 1.1% , 1.2% , 1.3% , 1.4% , 1.5% oil content melting point of semi refined paraffin wax heavy grade is minimum 62 C and maximum 64 C and in light grade, it is 58-60 C.

high quality Candle manufacturers use semi refined paraffin wax, because of low oil content and snow white color the candle will be with best quality, paint industry, cosmetics (after processing), medical ointment, water proof coat for wood, polishing, PVC and some other industries also use semi refined paraffin wax.

packing of paraffin wax
fully refined paraffin wax is produced in 5 kg slabs which can be packed in carton or gunny.

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