Oil Market reacts to oil price rise

Oil Market reacts to oil price rise

U.S. Oil expenses continued growing early on Tuesday morning, the day on which the June settlement expires, before falling slightly in what becamea far smoother and uneventful trade as compared to closing month’s dramatic plunge into negative expenses. The relatively smooth day to the expiry alerts that the basics with supply, demand, and garage availability have progressed since ultimate month. As of 11:forty two a.M. CDT on Tuesday, prices fell backa bit with WTI Crude trading at $31.69, down by 0.41 percentat the day, even as Brent Crude expenseshave been down 0.95 percentage at $34.45. Tuesday’s tradingconsultation is shaping up to be a non-occasion, even if these […]

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Stock market bubble and crisis definition and today’s analysis

by Emad Honarparvar There are several definitions and explanations for an economy bubble and the probability of a crisis coming. I’d like to refer the one I feel confident with, from the book “FINANCIAL MARKET HISTORY” by David Chambers and Elroy Dimson, published by University of Cambridge, Judge Business School. They refer to bubbles and crisis as “Booms […]

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5th Bitumen and Base Oil Conference in Persian Gulf

Dubai to host the 5th AMEA Bitumen and Base Oil Conference in 2020. The conference aims to bring together leading industry players from the world’s fastest growing bitumen markets in the region, says Petrosil authority, the organizer of the event. You can meet with key representatives from refineries, regional governments and bitumen end-users and take part […]

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